Freemasons participarán en el próximo album de Beyoncé

Al parecer The Freemasons colaborarán con Beyoncé y su equipo para crear algunos temas más dance para el próximo album de Beyoncé. Según dicen, B'Day ha sido un album muy enfocado a América y para el próximo tratarán de hacer temas más globales que puedan gustar en el mundo entero.

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• Beyonce Takes Tips From Rihanna
Posted on 01 Nov 2007 - Published Articles

Beyonce Knowles has enlisted the help of dance duo The Freemasons to help her create a pop album similar to R+b rival Rihanna's.

The British music producers say Knowles is desperate to trade her heavy R+b sound in favour of a more dancefloor-friendly pop production.

Freemasons star James Wiltshire says, "The album is going to be huge. It will rival anything the likes of Britney and Rihanna have done recently. Beyonce and her team can see where mistakes were made on the last album. It was very American, very R+b and stripped back."

"They want to go for a more international sound this time. She wants to hit as many audiences as possible."

Wiltshire, together with partner Russell Small, helped Beyonce's tracks Beautiful Liar and Deja Vu reach number one in the U.k.


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