miércoles, 25 de julio de 2007

Beyoncé trabaja en su tercer album de estudio

Has Beyonce fatigue set in? There's her charisma-free turn in Dreamgirls, an underwhelming second solo album that has only produced one listenable single (Irreplaceable), a mewling duet with Shakira (Beautiful Liar) that reeks of trend-chasing, and finally, the distinct sense that her main squeeze, rap icon/Def Jam CEO Jay-Z, is a little more concerned with how Barbados kewpie doll Rihanna's career turns out. Nevertheless, the Houston native is toiling away on "The Beyonce Experience" tour and recording her third album (tentatively titled Worldwide), due out in 2008. Silky-smooth R&B vocalist Robin Thicke will join Beyonce for her Metroplex gig Friday.


Al parecer Beyoncé ya está trabajando en su nuevo album, que saldrá a la venta en 2008. Puede que esté componiendo canciones durante el Tour...

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